About Me

I am currently in limbo for the next few months after studying counselling skills on my path to become a Psychotherapist. In the future I would like to work with children and young adults to guide them to help themselves. I had my own fair share of issues and want to help others with theirs.

I created this space because I know in the future I would like to write. The best way to become a better writer is to write, and write, and write, so I am using this as a platform to practice. As part of my counselling skills course I had to write a few hundred words a week in a learning journal. These journals could be about anything and were designed for me to explore my emotions about anything that had happened recently or in years gone past. For my own personal development, and the benefit of my future clients, I think it is a great idea to continue writing journals and I think a lot of them will be focused around mental health.

What can you expect from this space? Honesty and genuineness in the open explorations in my journal. Most likely a lot of shit references and random excerpts from the very different people and groups that have influenced me such as Malcolm Gladwell, Joe De Franco, Gary Vaynerchuk and The Brilliant Idiots.

I am going to share stories and pieces which might be difficult for some to read, but I am sharing them because I want people to take something positive from them. I want to use this as an outlet for my creativity so I hope I can add opinion pieces, interviews and whatever else I get around to creating to this space. I will talk about current affairs, I will avoid politics at all costs, and talk about anything I notice is the topic of discussion. I will try to keep what I write relatively simple because I think it is the best way to share what I have to share. If I want to be linguistically frisky there will be a time and a place for it.

I don’t expect to earn a thing from this, in many ways I think this is going to be my own sort of playground for me to get lost in. I’m not completely selfish; I want this space to be a space for you too. A space where you can learn about yourself through what I have to share. I would consider this space a success if I can accomplish this.

I want to hear from you and have discussions about the content I share. I want to see and understand other viewpoints. I want feedback. I am not an expert in most things and I am sure I will introduce or write things which are wrong, offensive or just stupid. If I have caused any of these reactions in you, then I want to hear from you – I want to keep learning.